Monday, 5 September 2016

Book Review: My Street Food Kitchen ~ Jennifer Joyce

My sister was recently shopping for books and, coming across My Street Food Kitchen, asked me whether I was interested in purchasing it. Now, obviously asking a major foodie whether they want a cookery book is a bit of a trick question (?) - nonetheless I ended up buying it. 
I'm not going to lie, I've bought a ton of cookery books in the past which I've totally regretted buying, purely because they are filled with the old traditionalist recipes and structured in the same boring arrangement. Personally, I love reading books where the writer is fully engaged with their reader and is truly passionate about the subject of their writing - rightly so with today's book review.

Let me tell you why My Street Food Kitchen is such a winner:

1. It's authentic ~ down to crystal clear photography and imaginative arrangement, the whole vibe given off by the book is creativity with colours, flavours and textures.  

2. It's multi-cultural ~ the book is sectioned into different street food specialities, exploring menus from Japan, to India and even Mexico! It blends traditional true-to-roots recipes with unique ingredients and innovative twists.

3. It's engaging ~ as well as having great recipes inside, you're also treated to a host of the writer's culinary background, all adding to the inspiring and exciting feel of the book. As cliché as it sounds, you're truly 'taken on a journey'.

 It's easy-to-follow ~ I haven't actually tried any of the recipes yet, but I can already tell following these recipes will not be an onerous task. It's clearly laid out with recipes of varying difficulty - the easier recipes seem just as enticing as the difficult ones!

 You learn a lot ~ I've only read a few of the recipes from start to finish, and I've already learnt so much about new ingredients and fresh produce. It's pretty rare to find a cookery book nowadays not repeating the well-known classics which, although delicious in their own right, fail to branch out beyond your typical Sunday roast.

I totally recommend you giving this book a go - it's only £13.60 on Amazon and it's well worth it! Whether you're a total beginner or a dedicated foodie, My Street Food Kitchen is perfect for anyone!

I'll definitely be trying out some of the recipes from this book soon!

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