Friday, 9 September 2016

Pick-Your-Own Farm ~ My Experience

Having planned a trip for quite some time, I finally went to a Pick-Your-Own Farm a couple of weeks ago. The concept of picking your own fruit and veg is something which is bang on trend now, as people turn towards fresher, greener and more organic foods. With the surge of health and fitness gurus promoting nutritious lifestyles taking social media by storm, I decided to see if Pick-Your Owns truly are worth all the hype? 

Despite the fact that it decided to pour with rain at various intervals during our trip, we were determined not to let the unpredictable weather get the best of us. We drove through farm, parking up every so often, managing to work our way through the entire field space. The variety was incredible with fruit and veg from cucumbers, to plums and even sweetcorn!  

However, I do want to bust is the myth that Pick-Your-Own produce is much cheaper than your regular fruit and veg from the supermarket. To be perfectly honest, I'm not convinced this is true. The fruits, in particular the berries, were pretty expensive.  

Something which really surprised me was how popular the farm was - it didn't occur to me how many people are actually interested in Pick-Your-Own produce. Personally, I wouldn't see myself doing this that often, one, because its quite far away and, two, it is just a lot quicker to buy from the supermarket. But, don't get me wrong - I loved the whole process of picking the fruit, it was fascinating to see it naturally grown and not packaged in plastic wrap. It's also a great activity for family/friends to do together and the atmosphere is wonderfully peaceful and relaxed.

Overall, I would recommend checking out a local farm - I truly did enjoy both the experience of picking my own produce, and eating it afterwards!

What are your thoughts on Pick-Your-Own Farms?

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